We use a variety of apples in our ciders. Below you will find many of the true cider apples as well as dual purpose apples that lend aromatic properties to our ciders.

Variety Class Origin Source Photos
Baldwin Aromatic Wilmington, MA Willamette Valley
Bedford Crab Bittersharp Willamette Valley
Campfield Sweet Newark, New Jersey Willamette Valley
Cinnamon Spice Sweet Willamette Valley
Esopus Spitzenburg Aromatic Esopus, NY Willamette Valley, Hood River Valley
Golden Russet Sweet, Aromatic Willamette Valley
Gravenstein Sharp Grasten, Denmark North Plains and Hood River Valley, OR
Hewe's Crab Bittersharp Virginia Willamette Valley
Kingston Black Bittersharp Somerset, England Vancouver, WA
McIntosh Aromatic Canada Hood River
Michelin Bittersweet France Vancouver, WA
Nehou Bittersweet France Willamette Valley
Newtown Pippin Mild Bittersweet Queens, NY Hood River Valley, OR
Northern Spy Sharp Rochester, NY ~1840s Willamette Valley, OR
Yarlington Mill Bittersweet United Kingdom Vancouver, WA
Yates Aromatic Fayette County, GA Willamette Valley