Our Cider Orchard

To make the finest cider, using the highest quality apples is imperative.  We at Bull Run Cider are proud to have committed to growing the fruit we use in our ciders.  As a result, we have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the fruit we use.  We grow over 60 different types of apples.  Some of which are traditional English and French cider apples while others are cider or dual purpose apples of American origin.  The cider industry in the Pacific Northwest is in its infancy and as a result, there are relatively few people growing these type of apples.  We aim to evaluate these varieties of apples not only to use in our ciders but to one day help other cider producers and orchardists have the utmost success growing cider fruit.  In 2013 we harvested the first fruit from our three year old orchard.

In addition to apples, we have planted a perry pear orchard of over 10 varieties.  If you are unfamiliar, pears are to perry what apples are to cider.  They are specific varieties of pear that have been selected over centuries for the qualities that make great perry.  Nearly all known perry pears are of European origin, most notably from England, France and Austria. 

At present we have over 3,100 trees and are looking to expand this number to be a resource not only for our cider but to enable other cider producers to have access to the bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples that are necessary to make exceptional cider.